This Week's Program: Sunday, December 18, 2022


Jonathan Gonzales was born in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico and grew up in southern California. He has spent the last 12 years learning earth living skills and ancestral ceremonial ways with many teachers and elders, combined with participating in Indigenous, earth-based ceremonies along with a quest to connect more deeply with his ancestral lineage, which is Indigenous Taino from Puerto Rico, Chinanteco from Mexico, and African).

Lucas Jatobá is a photographer and filmmaker who was born in Manaus, northern Brazil. He had been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2014, where he went to study Anthropology at the Fluminense Federal University. Lucas started working as a freelancer, doing professional and volunteer documentation works on topics related to human rights, especially issues related to urban social issues.

Kapi`olani A. Laronal, MA, Ed., is a descendant of the Haida (Eagle Clan, Sgwaa Gitanee, People of the Tall Grass), Tsimshian, Native Hawaiian, and Filipino. Kapi’olani’s experiences working with Native communities on ocean and land restoration projects, cultural preservation, and protocols have significantly shaped her academic and professional life. She is an educator, athlete, life coach, and consultant. Kapi`olani brings 18 years of professional experience in secondary and higher education institutions supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and policies centered on college student outreach, recruitment, and services for traditionally underserved and low-income communities of color. Her work specializes in Indigenous and First Nations community-centered partnerships. She held student support and administrative positions at Yale and Dartmouth Native American programs, the Northwest Indian College, and the Enumclaw School District’s Title VII Program in partnership with the Muckleshoot Tribe. Kapi’olani lives in the Bronx, New York. She is a consultant and life coach. She founded Indigenous Life Coach & Consultant Corporation and does what she loves helping others succeed. Kapi’olani creates virtual spaces for individuals and organizations that aim to support their health and well-being and centering Indigenous approaches to positive change and transformation.