This Week's Program: Sunday, December 4, 2022


Sitting in for Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse this week is First Voices Radio’s Guest Host Anne Keala Kelly,(Kanaka Maoli), who is an independent journalist, filmmaker and activist from Moku Nui (Big Island) in the illegally occupied Hawaiian Islands. For the full hour, she speaks with Ronny Kareni, a Canberra-based West Papuan activist, musician, youth worker and bilingual health educator. He discusses the movement to free West Papua. For additional background, read this article:

Ronny graduated in diplomacy studies at the Australian National University and is the co-founder of Rize of the Morning Star, a musical and cultural movement. Ronny also is a consultant for the Pacific Mission of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, a coordinative and consultative body of the national liberation movement. Ronny has a band called the Black Orchid Stringband. Their music is available at (Promo photo credit: Foreign Correspondent Greg Nelson, ACS)