Tiokasin’s guest for the full hour is Anne Keala Kelly. Keala is a Kānaka Maoli filmmaker, journalist and activist living on Hawai‘i Island. Her works address the critical links between cultural, environmental and spiritual survival in the movement for Hawaiian self-determination, and Indigenous peoples’ struggles for territorial and political autonomy. She is an outspoken advocate for Indigenous self-representation in mass media, a Ted Scripps Environmental Journalism fellow, and has an MFA from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. Keala’s reporting and commentary have appeared in many publications, including Indian Country Today, The Nation, the Honolulu Civil Beat and the Honolulu Weekly. Keala is the author of “Our Rights to Self-Determination: A Hawaiian Manifesto,” which was just published. For more information about Keala and her work, visit www.annekealakelly.com and www.nohohewa.com. Buy her book at www.kuleanaworks.com. (Book cover art by Makaiwa Kanu'i)

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