Kumu Maile Naehu is an educator, performer, artist, community organizer, and activist of Aloha ‘Āina from the island of Moloka’i, Hawaiʻi. Stemming from a very diverse multi-racial genealogy, she is Boricua being of African, Taino and Spanish descent as well as Kanaka Maoli, Portuguese and Chinese. As co-founder of Ka Hale Hoaka, an online school of Hawaiian knowledge, her teachings are grounded in Indigenous philosophies and practices such as mo’olelo, ʻōlelo Hawai’i, hula, and oli. Ka Hale Hoaka’s online curriculum has enabled Hawaiian schools to break away from a Eurocentric curriculum developed on the mainland and provide students of all ages with the ability to learn sciences, social studies, language arts, fine arts and more through an indigenous cultural lens. Using the online learning platform Thinkific, Kumu Maile has been able to create an easy-to-use, interactive learning experience that’s accessible to any person or school across Hawaiʻi and the world. More information about Maile's work can be found at: kahalehoaka.com, molokainuiahinaproject on Facebook, and huiokuapa.org.

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