This Week's Program: Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Matthew O’Neill is a musical artist living in Upstate New York.
Tiokasin will be talking with Matthew about his latest project, “Music for The Mother,” the debut album featuring the Ancestral Teyuna Music from the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta in Colombia. The album has been produced by Matthew’s record label, “Underwater Panther Coalition," a label committed to supporting Indigenous rights and celebrating ancestral musical traditions by releasing projects based on time-honored traditions of gratitude, appreciation, respect and reverence for Mother Earth. The album is particularly special as it's the first record of its kind and first time a female from Teyuna has ever been recorded. Each track is recorded by the spiritual leaders and promotes healing and cultural integrity through song and ceremony. This release serves as an important defining moment of preservation for these Indigenous peoples of the mountain region. Underwater Panther Coalition shares 50 percent of profits with the Indigenous groups affiliated with each project. For more information: Website: Underwater Panther Coalition on Facebook.
In the second half-hour, we will feature an interview conducted last week by our friend Mario Murillo, Host of “Rumba Therapy” heard on Friday evenings from 6-9 pm on WIOX. Mario is a Professor and the Vice Dean of the Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University, and teaches in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program there. He has covered Latin America for a number of radio outlets and journals. Indigenous resistance throughout the hemisphere has accelerated. Mario helps us make sense of the ongoing situation of Indigenous peoples defending their territories and Indigenous resistance movements throughout Latin America. Mario interviewed our Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse and First Voices Radio Co-Host Anne Keala Kelly (Kanaka Maoli) about their perspectives on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.