This Week's Program: Thursday, April 16, 2020


Kenn Orphan back as his sole guest for the hour. Kenn is an artist, writer, radical nature lover, and a weary but committed activist. He writes about art and culture, socio-economic injustice, geopolitical issues, and the existential threats — all of the things that we collectively face from corporate capitalism, the war industry, climate change, and an ever imperiled biosphere. Kenn's work focuses on the desperate need for a global paradigm shift that fosters compassion for and solidarity with the suffering of humanity and the countless other species with whom we share this precious planet. Kenn blogs at Tiokasin and Kenn talk about his recent blog: “The Portent of a Pandemic.” Kenn writes: “Just months ago, few would have thought it possible that a sub-microscopic ball of genetic coding could bring the world’s wealthiest powers to their knees. But it has. In the space of a few months the Covid-19 virus projected its spiky arms not only into the delicate cells of the human lung, but into the very membrane of the global economic and political order itself.” Read more at