In the first half-hour, Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse speaks KEALA KELLY. Keala, who is Native Hawaiian, is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and activist. Her documentary film, “Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii,” has been screened and broadcasted internationally and is widely taught in university courses that focus on colonization, Indigenous cultures and the Pacific. Keala has been closely following and reporting on the activities on Mauna Kea and the proposed construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope at its summit.

In the second half-hour, Tiokasin welcomes RICHARD GROUNDS. Richard Grounds, Ph.D., is executive director of the Yuchi Language Project based in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, working with Yuchi Elders in creating new fluent speakers using immersion language methods. Richard is currently the chair of the Global Indigenous Languages Caucus and served as the Expert for the North American Region at the Expert Meeting on Indigenous Languages held by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2016. He has just returned from presenting at the U.N. International Year of Indigenous Languages International Conference, in Yakutsk, Russia in far east Siberia. Richard’s work on language revitalization can be found on two websites: and

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