GERALD HILL is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin. He is President of the Indigenous Language Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has been a member of the Indigenous Language Board of Directors since 1997. A second language speaker of Oneida, Gerald has years of experience in the field of Native language revitalization. Gerald is an elected Chief Appellate Judge of the Oneida Nation. He has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from California State-Northridge and a JD from the University of California-Davis. Gerald will talk about the state of Native languages today and also the ILI’s upcoming 9th annual symposium, "Symposium: Understanding Intergenerational Trauma: The Healing Power of Language,” October 22–24 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Indigenous Language Institute website:


ADRIAN SUTHERLAND, frontman of the band Midnight Shine, is the guest in the second half-hour. Midnight Shine came together by chance and they stayed together for a shot. When Adrian Sutherland, who is from Canada’s isolated Cree community of Attawapiskat, was offered the opening spot for the rock band, Trooper, in Timmins, Ontario, he reeled in three other musicians from his northern region to form Midnight Shine. Their intention was to make the most of this one-off performance. Eight years, three albums, six Top 10 Indigenous Music Countdown radio singles, and 200-plus media stories later — you could say they have. Turning heads with a sound that seamlessly mixes roots, classic and modern rock with touches of Mushkegowuk Cree, Midnight Shine is pushing musical boundaries and boldly taking new strides, while staying true to who they are, where they come from and sharing a glimpse through songs of what life is like in the far North.​ Midnight Shine’s Website:

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