This Week's Program: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Guest Host CHARLIE URUCHIMA, who is sitting in for Host TIOKASIN GHOSTHORSE while he is away this month. Charlie speaks with three guests " Genesis Tuyuc, a first generation Maya Kaqchikel activist in New York City and former President of the Native American and Indigenous Student Group at New York University; Santy Quinde Barrera Baidal, a writer of short stories,poems, and blogs that explore themes of Indigenous identities, languages and sovereignties across the Americas; and Anne Keala Kelly, an award-winning Native Hawaiian filmmaker and journalist. Keala is currently working on a film about the struggle to protect Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawai'i called "Why the Mountain."
Music Credits: 
Ama Suwa, Ama Llulla, Ama Qhella" (English translation, Don t Steal, Don t Lie, Don t be Lazy") Luzmila Carpio
Identidad - Los Nin-Katary
Condor Enamorado - Chusik Andinos