MARILYN ELLE www.ipsecinfo.org INDIAN POINT - A nuclear power plant in upstate New York that is located on two major fault lines susceptible to earthquakes and the current controversy of keeping it open. With one reactor shut down with storage of spent enriched uranium reportedly leaking into the Hudson River - Gov. Cuomo wants it shut down - and two more active reactors with 1950's technology within 35 miles of NYC Times Square.

JUDITH DE LOS SANTOS www.protestbarrick.net is an independent New-York based writer and activist around issues of struggle and resistance within Africa and the Diaspora in the Americas. She has recently traveled to Cancun, Mexico to participate in the People's Alternative Forum to the UN COP16 Climate Talks. She is currently documenting the stories of Indigenous and African descendants confronting exploitation in the Caribbean, South America and the Great Lakes Region in Africa. She reported on Barrick Gold's exploitation of the Dominican Republic resources.

RICHIE O'DONNELLwww.thepipethefilm.com is the Director of "The Pipe" and award winning documentary following 3 family struggle to stop extraction giant Shell Oil from building a pipeline across County Mayo in northern Ireland. In a remote corner of the West of Ireland sits Broadhaven Bay. It is the perfect picture postcard, where the high cliffs of Erris Head and the Stags of Broadhaven stand sentry at the mouth of the bay against the mighty Atlantic, as if protecting the delicate golden sands of Glengad beach and the tiny village of Rossport, which nestles behind the dunes. However, this peaceful tranquility belies the turmoil that lies beneath, and the unique nature of the coastline which has sustained generations of farmers and fishermen, has also delivered to Shell Oil the perfect landfall for the Corrib Gas Pipeline.

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