This Week's Program: Wednesday, December 8, 2010


SUSAN HITO ( On Friday, December 3, Chilean troops opened fire on unarmed Rapa Nui (Easter Island) People who have been peacefully occupying tribal land taken over by the State. The attack has left 21 Rapanui wounded with 3 needing to be evacuated to mainland Chile to be treated for their serious wounds. Indigenous Rapanui Pia Tuki among those wounded in a violent attack by Chilean Govt. forces on Easter Island. Chilean special forces are hunting for individuals who have been involved with the reoccupation and those they are targeting who have helped share the story with the international press.

TORI TIMMS ( Discusses the Environmental Justice Foundation's report "No Place Like Home". Climate change is attributable for the deaths of over 300,000 people, seriously affects a further 325 million people, and causes economic losses of US$125 billion. Four billion people are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and 500-600 million people – around 10% of the planet’s human population – are at extreme risk. As such, climate change has been recognised as a fundamental threat to human rights.

CASEY CAMP-HORINEK and KANDI MOSSETT are organizers of the Indigenous Environmental Network ( and discuss the "walk out" and suspended credentials of Indigenous delegates to the COP16 in Cancun, Mexico. They also spoke of respective experiences with Climate Change-Crisis and now "crash"; the 2,000 mile dirty oil tar sands Keystone XL Pipeline slated for 2010 construction through 6 western states and including lands on Indian reservations such as North Dakota - 3rd most oil producing state - and environmental consequences that continue to be unheard in mainstream and alternative media.

KARAH WOODWARD from Digital Warrior Media also contributes.

Music: "Burning Times" by Rumors of the Big Wave