This Week's Program: Wednesday, November 24, 2010


1st of 3 Hours of Special - First Voices Indigenous Radio 9AM to 10AM CHRISTINE HALVORSON
Program Director
Rainforest Foundation In a critical decision, one of Brazil’s Supreme Court Judges voted in favor of maintaining Raposa Serra do Sol (RSS) as a continuous indigenous land. Although the other judges on the Court still need to vote on the matter, this was seen as an important victory for indigenous peoples. Minister Ayres Britto’s decision was celebrated by the indigenous peoples of RSS, who had been mobilized in their communities, as well as in the state capitol and outside the Supreme Court in Brasilia. Raposa Serra do Sol is the traditional home of some 19,000 Ingaricó, Macuxi, Patamona, Taurepang and Wapichana people in Northern Brazil. Located on the boundary of Guyana and Venezuela, RSS is over 6,000 square miles of mountains, savannahs, and forests. Minister Ayres Britto’s important vote was a strong reaffirmation of indigenous rights in Brazil. We will be following the case closely, and hope the others will follow his lead. Rainforest Foundation: Tel: 212 431 9098
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