JAMES SWAN of the United Urban Warrior Society is a group of people working to help reassure the community, and the Native American population, by conducting community policing in Rapid City, South Dakota. EMAIL: aimbhc@yahoo.com

KARAH WOODWARD Digital Warrior Media reports on a rally held at City Hall in NYC regarding Mayor Bloomberg remarks to Governor Paterson to "get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun" to enforce the collection of cigarette taxes from tobacco products sold on Indian reservations. The Native contingent demanded an apology for the racially insensitive and offensive comments. JOHN KANE www.letstalknativepride.blogspot.com comments on and counters Mayor Bloombergs statement of "the law of the land" and U.S. Constutional law. The Mayor's office did not return any calls or offer FVIR and statments.

SANTI HITORANGI and SUSAN HITO-SHAPIRO www.SaveRapanui.org 500 Indigenous Rapa Nui--a place more commonly known as Easter Island-- have been occupying more than two dozen sites over a land dispute that dates back to 1888. Over half of island's Indigenous population of 5,000, issued a letter to the Pacific Island Forum and President Pinera, requesting the Rapa Nui's right to secede from Chile.The letter proposes that the island, situated on the southeastern point of the Polynesian triangle, would be better off if it was an official part of Oceania.

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