JOSE AYLWIN - MAPUCHE In the wake of February's 8.8 earthquake in Chile In contrast of official Chilean claims that ‘the situation is under control’, reports from the south of the country claim that rural communities are currently without ‘food, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications’. The status of the Mapuche-Lafkenche, who are based along Chile’s coastline, is of particular concern.

LETICIA GLADUE, DAPHNE OMINAYAK and DAWN SEESEEQUON- Lubicon Cree Nation of Little Buffalo, Alberta, Canada. It has been twenty years since the United Nations Human Rights Committee first ruled that the failure to resolve Lubicon claims to their traditional lands had led to ongoing violations of their human rights by the impact of oil development. Three young women come to the UN to speak about the shocking treatment of their people and how they are growing up without access to traditional lands cut off by loggin, and extraction corporations enforced by the Canadian government.

JOHN KANE of NATIVE PRIDE March 11th, US Senate passes the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act H.R.1676 | S.1147- the impact it has relating to the US Constitution and the Indian Commerce Clause. However, it does something else that isn’t so clear. It gives the states the power to enforce what is known as the Jenkins Act, a federal law, against tribal economic interests.

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