BILL MILLER a Mohican, 3 x Grammy Award winning singer songwriter and a master of the Native flute along with multiple Native American Music awards in recognition of his songwriting. TARA PRETENDS EAGLE WEBER Founder of the Intertribal Warrior Society for Children, created in honor of her son's battle against Neurological Lyme Disease which is dedicated to the health & safety of children. a professional Journalist & photographer covering Native Entertainment, for several years now, attributing her breakthrough to her interview w/ Mohawk Rock Legend Robbie Robertson. With the hope someday, that her connection w/ Native music could help bring healing to the children, especially Native children.Today, the Warrior Society is works with the Oglala Lakota Nation to support their fight in their epidemic of suicide. DAVID HILL of SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL an NGO that helps indigenous peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their futures. The Guarani of Brazil have been evicted from their traditional lands due to the growing demand for ethanol as an alternative to gasoline will take more land from the Guarani and further worsen the situation. One Guarani community living on the roadside, who have seen three of their leaders killed by ranchers’ gunmen, said, ‘We are growing impatient with the excessive delay of land demarcation. It is slowly killing us and exposing us to genocide’.

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