This Week's Program: Wednesday, February 19, 2014


GREGG DEAL Pyramind Lake Paiute of ( The premise of the project is to take what would be commonly known to be Indigenous looking (by way of popular culture, misunderstandings, misconceptions) and to confront the general public with this image in every day places and doing every day things.
This project is a performance art piece wearing traditional Native American clothing in various, everyday scenarios interacting with the public which will create interesting, thought-provoking, and even comical situations where the public will be forced to look at me, as a stereotypical Native person, and what Iā€™m doing, and question what they are watching. How will they react if they saw a Native dressed in buckskin and a headdress, doing something as mundane as shopping for cereal at the grocery store? How would they react if they saw me eating Chinese food in China Town or taking pictures of buffalo at the National Zoo? How would they react if they saw me waiting in a Metro station or were riding in the same Metro car?

Music Credits: 
School Days - Labi Siffre
Can't Get Away - Sixto Rodriquez