This Week's Program: Wednesday, January 29, 2014


ROSS HAMILTON updates us on several theories of the Serpent Mounds in Ohio and the origin stories of the TALL BEINGS in Native lore and non-Native myth. He talks of the restoration of the order of light with Native American message now being heard and humanity as a whole must heed in order to allow the next age to take its place. Otherwise we as humans jeopardize our chances of survival and this period extends and will happen within the next 80 years or one complete generation.


TIOKASIN GHOSTHORSE is "officially" on a sabbatical for the next calendar year from FVIR and the Interim Host JOHN KANE will be sitting in for the remainder of 2014. Tiokasin sheds some light on rarely heard perspectives of becoming human as an Indigenous viewpoint.

For the week of January 30th - February 6, 2014