DEBORAH REGER - Host of Moccasin Tracks in WGDR ( Goddard Community College. Moccasin Tracks explores the efforts, thoughts and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of Vermont- and beyond- and also grassroots activism, including non-violent civil-resistance. The show questions cooperation or resistance to the broken “white-priviledged” systems in place today that are desecrating all that is precious to Life-Affirming Human Beings that are living in peace and harmony with Mother Earth.

This week a rare interview of Tiokasin Ghosthorse who is the host of First Voices Indigenous Radio. Talks about the inspiration behind FVIR's 21 year host of the radio program beginning in 1992. He talks about the Seeding of Consciousness it takes for the species human to survive and the movements of Mother Earth that are politically and financially motivated.


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Whats Going On - LOS LOBOS

FIRE INTO WATER - Alex Alexander & Tiokasin