MARIJO MOORE( of Cherokee, Irish and Dutch ancestry is the author of many books and co-editor with Trace A. Demeyer of the latest release by rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING. Image removed.

Unraveling The Spreading Cloth of Time

Dedicated to Vine Deloria Jr

Exploring Quantum physics in relation to Indigenous peoples' understanding of the spiritual universe, this anthology includes writings from 40 Native writers from various nations. "Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time, MariJo Moore and Trace DeMeyer's brilliant anthology, explores an uncanny tension between Indigenous understandings of a moral, interconnected universe and the edges of western science and philosophy that -in time- come to the same conclusion."

MARK CAMP ( is Cultural Survival's Deputy Executive Director and directs Cultural Survival's Community Radio Program.

Of the original Indigenous Peoples and more than 300 languages in North America, nearly 600 tribes and 175 living languages remained in 1997. Of these languages many were spoken primarily by elders, and 125 languages of the 175 were spoken only by middle aged or older adults. Fifty-five languages were spoken by 1 to 6 people, and only 20 were spoken widely by children. As many as 55 languages may have disappeared since 1997 (Indigenous Language Institute). The decline of languages did not occur in a vacuum. It is the result of decades of racist and discriminatory policies towards Native people.

Indigenous languages carry unique philosophies, histories, ceremonies, and irreplaceable environmental knowledge of biodiversity accumulated over millenia. Native languages constitute both the core and the foundations of tribal identities and cultures by mapping ancestors' universes and ties to traditional homelands.

But in the United States, UNESCO documents only 139 Native languages spoken today. More than 70 could fall silent in the next 5 years unless immediate action is taken to teach them to younger generations of tribal citizens. Upon request, our program has partnered with Native American tribes to help develop the resources they need to do just that: to teach their languages to their children, to keep them a living, spoken heritage.

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