This Week's Program: Wednesday, January 23, 2013


JENNIFER ASHAWASEGAI is a citizen of the Anishinabek Nation and member of Henvey Inlet First Nation. Jennifer is also a freelance journalist and published in Indigenous newspapers throughout North America, as well as discusses northern Ontario 'Nish' news on a weekly basis on Aboriginal People's Television Network National News. She will update us on Idle No More and the impact not only in Canada but in North America.

Jennifer Ashawasegai Jennifer Ashawasegai ANDY MAGER Native Peoples and Allies Plan Campaign to Renew the Two Row Wampum ( Syracuse, NY—The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, a statewide educational initative throughout 2013, announced the formal endorsement of the campaign by the Haudenosaunee Grand Council today. The campaign was initiated by Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, a project of the Syracuse Peace Council, and developed in partnership with the Onondaga Nation and members of other Haudenosaunee nations.

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign promotes understanding and respect for the Native Nations to which we are all neighbors, and our common obligation to protect the environment, by holding educational events throughout the year and an epic canoe trip on the Hudson River to celebrate a 400-year-old treaty that forms the basis of diplomatic relations between the Haudenosaunee and the United States to this day.