JUAN GONZALEZ (Wakatel Balam) (wakatel_balam@hotmail.com) spoke at the 2012 Day of Mourning in Plymouth MA about the reality of the so-called Maya Prophecies. He spoke of the Council of Maya Elders Aj'qij'ab is the traditional way of organization and represents all the Maya communities, their work involves the many aspects of a society. How 'western society' has aggrandized the popularity and commercialization of a distorted version of the Maya and the Maya perspective of 2012.

CHARLES EISENSTEIN (www.charleseisenstein.net) I had a discussion of the views of western civilization and the "fear of language" of the ending time of the present day economy and mindset. What are we to do and how to approach a totally new or alternative way to involve ourselves past 2012 and beyond. We will ask Charles to be on the program in the future as our stations capabilities have compromised with limited phone service due to Full Moon Sandy.

Thanks for your patience once more WBAI studios are almost at full capacity.

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