EVAN PRITCHARD a descendant of the Micmac people (part of the Algonquin nations) is the founder of The Center for Algonquin Culture, and is currently Professor of Native American history at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he also teaches ethics and philosophy. www.algonquinculture.org

THE MAHINA MOVEMENT www.mahinamovement .com Gabriella Callendar, Erica DelaRosa, and Valmoana Niemeitolu. Talk about their upcoming SOUL JOURNEY TRUTH TOUR in November 2012 - Mahina Movement is the phenomenal 3-woman trio who combine poetry and song to create passionate music tied to flesh and bone, straight from the heart. Mahina Movement’s extraordinary melodies tell stories of the personal and political wrapped with courage, strength and awareness of human struggle and connection. 3 voices and one guitar blend into a powerful force, mixing folk, rock and rhymes in English, Spanish, and Tongan simmered with indigenous roots and culture. Please check on their local NYC events.

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