Wisdomkeepers are the guardians of nature's mysteries within the Lakota ceremonies and their practices, the medicine that is ruled by them, the songs that infuse our senses and our spiritual body, and the forces they produce that are identical to nature and its motivating power. These oral and entirely spontaneous transmissions, given by the three holy men, Joe Flying By, Dave Chief, and Leroy Curley, are a rare treasure of the highest generosity, directed for the greatest good. Their stories are told with complete equanimity, vividly conveying, without rancor or judgement, how Western civilization lacks connection to the natural world. Because passing on elders' wisdom in the oral tradition to the next generation is almost impossible, given the fact that the three important elements of the Lakota culture--the land, the people, and the language--are all but gone, the film's producer/director has provided a great service to those who have an interest in, and wish to learn from, ancient Native American teachings that have rarely been exposed.

 The narrator is Joseph Chasing Horse.

Wisdomkeepers is produced and directed by Ora Abel Russell

First Voices Indigenous Radio will be bringing to you a two part series on the Lakota culture. The Lakota were never defeated militarily, in fact they won every battle against the United States culminating with the defeat of General George Armstrong Custer at the Little Big Horn River in Southeastern Montana 1876. The massacre of 350 Mnicoujou Lakota with the majority of whom were old people, women and children at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1890 is often misnomered as a battle by the very same 7th Cavalry - Custer's old regiment who is often thought to have sought revenge against the Lakota. Today the Lakota fight on against all odds and just how they are overcoming them you will find some insight with the next two broadcasts of Wisdomkeepers.

You can find more about the Lakota Wisdomkeepers on OneWorldInConcert.com. This is Tiokasin Ghosthorse for First Voices Indigenous Radio. Thank you for joining us.

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