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SISTER HERMINIA SUTAREZ - In January of 2011, the NCIP (National Commission for Indigenous People) awarded the Ati Community of greater than 40 families with a certificate of land title for two hectares of land in Boracay which includes the beach front. When resort owners began arriving on the island the tourism soared, the Ati community was shoved aside.The Atis will continue to guard their land and hopes that they will eventually be heard so they can finally regain the land they have been waiting for. On a portion of land in dispute, the Ati will temporarily have ease of mind. But there is no certainty to the future of their fight. Right now, they are hoping to have access to the waters which was theirs. And be able to live far from those who have been discriminating them. (Holy Rosary Parish - Ati Mission) 036 288 6582/ 01984415181 In the Philippines.

KAHONTINEH SWAMP of the Mohawk Nation. who will be discussing RISE 2012.The Gathering of Condolence, Strength and Peace will be held at the Leech Lake Reservation from June 18th to June 23rd 2012. Kahontineh is fulfilling her father Jake Swamp's dream, his vision, need to heal and the spirit of hope for a new time to come. RISE 2012 (www.rise2012.com) has now been supported and sponsored by Indigenous Peoples from the East and the West of the United States and Canada, as well as from Indigenous Peoples from the rest of the Americas. Sister Hermenia Sutarez and Kahontineh Swamp

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