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STORY ONE: Source: Intercontinental Cry ( In Australia There was a major victory this week in the struggle to protect the Koongarra uranium deposit in Australia's Northern Territory. The Northern Land Council, which represents native title claimants in the Arnhem Land region of Northern Territory, announced its decision to extend the boundaries of the world-heritage-listed Kakadu National Park to include the 1,200 hectare uranium deposit. When the National Park was founded in 1979, the Australian government decided to leave Koongarra out, clearly recognizing the potential market value of the deposit.

STORY TWO: Source: Peace, Earth and Justice News ( In South America Indigenous leaders from all over South America are making their way by foot, canoe and eventually on buses to be part of the Kari-Oca Caravan to Rio de Janeiro, to talk to world leaders at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20.

Rio+20 is meant to serve as an intergovernmental forum for the adoption of solutions to the global crisis of sustainability, manifested in the repeated failure of the globalised economy, a food shortage, energy problems and global environmental woes like climate change and biodiversity loss.

"Not everyone can hear the voice of Mother Earth from the jungle, and we want to bring that voice to Rio," added Enomenga, who said he was prepared to walk to Rio if the bus broke down. Enomenga was born into an uncontacted community.

The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Territories, Rights and Sustainable Development or Kari-Oca II will be held Jun. 14-22 in a traditionally constructed conference village built by Brazilian indigenous peoples five kilometres from the official Rio+20 conference facility.

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