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MILLICENT PEPION - On May 13, Haskell Indian Nations University students and advocates for cultural rights began a two-month journey to Washington, DC, to save the Wakarusa Wetlands, Lawrence's only remaining indigenous wetland prairie, from becoming the South Lawrence Trafficway (SLT). They call the journey the Trail of Broken Promises, a primarily on-foot trek through fifty towns from Kansas to Washington, DC, and are endorsed by former President William Clinton as a commitment made by Millicent Pepion that was accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU 2012). The Trail of Broken Promises has also been endorsed by the United Nations as a statement given by Pepion to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Consultation conference held May 3, 2012 at the University of Tulsa's Native American Law Center. Email:

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ROBERTO RODRIQUEZ- As a result of the battle to defend ethnic studies, an incredible support nationwide has been created for Tucson's embattled Mexican American studies department. As far as TUSD is concerned, the department no longer exists. However, the state's as well as well as the TUSD school governing board should know, MAS cannot be killed because beyond being a department, it is also a discipline, but even more importantly, it is an idea. This past weekend, Chican@ Studies and MEChA (Movimieto Estudiantl Chicano de Aztlan) from Cal State University at Northridge. the LA Save Ethnic Studies Committee and community members from the San Fernando Valley held a festival, including a 5K run, for the purposes of defending MAS and the opposing the efforts to bury it.

By Roberto Dr Cintli Rodriguez PO BOX 3812
Tucson, AZ 85722
520-626-0824 COLUMN:

ARCHIVED COLUMN OF THE AMERICAS Millicent Pepion and Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriquez

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