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WINONA LADUKE Anishinabaweg (www.niijiiradio.com>from the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota. Winona is the Executive Director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project the Parent Organization of Niijii Broadcasting and Niijii Radio. Niijii in Ojibwe means friend. Over the past decade, the White Earth Land Recovery Project (WELRP) has approached the idea of creating an independent media platform for the White Earth Reservation and surrounding region to allow for community-based programming that provides valuable information and education to its friends and listeners.

SOPHIE GRIGS (www.survivalinternational.org) British newspaper The Observer has revealed evidence of police involvement in ‘human safaris’ in India’s Andaman Islands.The scandal, first exposed by Survival in 2010, involves tourists using an illegal road to enter the reserve of the Jarawa tribe. Tour companies and cab drivers ‘attract’ the Jarawa with biscuits and sweets. AND also in BRAZIL Loggers have invaded the Amazon home of uncontacted Awá Indians, one of whom has reportedly been ‘burned alive’

DR. ROBERTO CINTLI RODRIQUEZ (http://drcintli.blogspot.com) US Human Rights Network condemns discriminatory ruling against Ethnic Studies in Arizona and calls on the government to protect human rights to culture, identity, and self-determination. The US Human Rights Network strongly condemns the December 27th, 2011 ruling of Arizona Administrative Judge Lewis Kowal restricting the teaching of Ethnic Studies in the Tuscan Unified School District and throughout the state. Judge Kowal’s decision is a reaffirmation of HB 2281, a discriminatory law passed by the Arizona legislature in 2010 that forbids the teaching ethnic studies and the recognition of the ethnic, racial, or national heritage of the students.

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