Concepcion, Chile - Jose Alywin Observatorio Ciudadono - The 8.8 magnitude earthquake on February 27th, ultimately exposes the political elite and the media who deny, that of a country where affluence coexists with material poverty, the First World with Third World. Despite the efforts they have made for years to show Chile as a winner, a country which allows the North Amerian Free Trade Agreement and more recently, its incorporation into the OECD, in the top leagues, as if all its inhabitants were invited to the same party, the earthquake has revealed the social inequality that still exists in the country.

The Native Women's Association of Canada Kate Rexe - Director of NWAC - There are 520 known cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women and girls entered into the NWAC database. NWAC believes there are many more cases that have not yet been documented, especially for earlier decades. In Canada where the Indigenous population makes up less than 2% of the Canadian population, if compared to the rest of the population their death and disappearance rate would be equivalent to over 18,000 Canadian women and girls missing or murdered in the past thirty years.

Ofelia Rivas Voice Against the Wall - Imprisoned in southern Chiapas and recently released while supporting Zapatistas. She lives on Tohono O'odham land on the US/Mexico border and exposes the human rights abuses of the US Border Patrol and ongoing militarization of the border and O'odham land.

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