Donate for CD "Ksa" by Ghosthorse and/or the Booklet - Children of the Sun: Prosetry Unplugged

GHOSTHORSE "Ksa" (CD) and "Children of the Sun: Prosetry Unplugged" (Bk.)
Featuring music by Ghosthorse and Thoughts of Tiokasin in print - prose and poetry.

YOUR DONATION will go to maintaining this website and to purchasing of 4 Lakota Tipis for the children of the community of Wakpa Naca (Leader Creek) or now called LaPlant, South Dakota on the Cheyenne River Lakota Reservation.
Ksa by GhosthorseChildren of the Sun

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CD - Ghosthorse "Ksa" - $30
Booklet - "Children of the Sun: Prosetry Unplugged" - $20
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My name Oyate Tokaheya Wicakiye means "He Places the People First" and these offerings are to keep "Indigenous" radio on the air.

With nearly 70% of the Mother Earth's remaining natural sources (resources) on Indigenous lands, traditional Indigenous practices of biodiversity preservation have, ironically, made these lands targets for political juggling, rationalized "Green" movements, global corporations seeking the last forests, genetic and plant materials, oil, and minerals to feed their unsustainable growth. But Native peoples refuse to be victims. Their stories of resilience and growing success are inspirational; and a model for future sustainability .

When you support this radio program, First Voices Indigenous Radio and requesting Tiokasin to come and lecture or perform you help insure the radio program stays on 44 broadcast frequencies excluding the internet. Your help also buys cd's, labels, paper, ink, phone cards and other general office supplies that I have paid for as a volunteer for 20 years on community radio stations in New York and Washington state.

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